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Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc. (AOL) is the statewide trade association representing some 1,000 member companies engaged in the harvest and sustainable forest management of Oregon’s 30 million acres of forestland. “Logger and Proud of It!”

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Annual AOL Awards Banquet

by: Jim Geisinger, Executive Vice President


Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc. recognized several individuals at the 46th Annual Convention for extraordinary accomplishments and service to the association. These awards were announced at the Saturday January 16, 2016 Annual Awards Banquet.


20 Year Service Award

AOL’s Forest Policy Manager, Rex Storm, was recognized for 20 years of service to the association. President Mark Turner said, “Rex works hard on timber supply, regulatory issues and manages the Oregon Professional Logger Program. He works long hours traveling the state, attending meetings and advocating for our interests every day. We are fortunate to have him on our team.”


Special Recognition Award

President Turner made a special presentation to one of the earliest members of Associated Oregon Loggers, Marv and Sharon Zuber, recognizing the instrumental influence they had on the early years of the association and their continued participation that has spanned some 40 years. Zuber started his logging company in Gold Beach, Oregon in the late 1950s. He has served on the Board of Directors for four decades. He was a Chapter Chairman for the Coos Bay-South Coast Chapter and served as District Representative several times. He then served as the President of the association in 1994. He represented AOL at a meeting in St. Louis that year when the national American Loggers Council was formed. He also was one of the founders of the Friends of Paul Bunyan Foundation and helped get that program off to a good start. Marv and Sharon have served for years on the Log A Load For Kids Committee and have always been generous contributors to the program. They rarely miss a Board of Directors meeting and have been a fixture at Annual Conventions for decades. President Turner said, “This is a truly outstanding couple that people look up to in their community and really care about. I thought tonight would be a great opportunity for us to thank them for their service to AOL and for being outstanding ambassadors for our industry.”


Woman of the Year

Jennifer Waggoner, a partner with R&R King Logging, was awarded the AOL Woman of the Year award for outstanding advocacy for our industry and community service. She began her career at an early age when she appeared on Portland’s Ramblin’ Rod kid’s cartoon show and complained to the host that the National Wildlife Federation was trying to shut down the management of federal lands by listing the spotted owl as a threatened species. After earning a degree in Communications and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Oregon State University she began a political career, first working for Oregon Speaker of the House Lynn Snodgrass. From there, she went on to manage political campaigns for several candidates for the State Legislature.

She and her husband Dan have been active participants in managing the family logging company. They moved to Alaska to blaze a new chapter in the company’s history and created a new company called Crown Alaska. They built a logging camp and community infrastructure to house 75 men. It was a successful endeavor. She quickly became involved in the local community with school and church volunteer opportunities. After six years she and Dan moved back to Florence, Oregon to continue work with the company and in the community.


Most recently, she started a program working with pregnant and un-wed mothers. She continues doing political consulting along with helping to manage R&R King Logging Company. President Turner concluded his remarks saying, “I think you will all agree our Woman of the Year for 2015 is a very deserving individual.”


Logger of the Year

President Mark Turner recognized Wayne Stone of Wayne Stone Logging as AOL’s 2015 Logger of the Year. Wayne had early aspirations to be a professional baseball player. He had an impressive career as a pitcher at Clackamas Community College, but when his baseball career ended he found a new passion…logging. He began falling timber and continued for five years, mostly in the Bull Run Watershed falling old growth. He progressed into the business buying a log truck in 1977, his first yarder in 1983 and a second yarder in 1985 and the company continued to expand from there.


He built a reputation for taking on the most difficult jobs and to have the equipment on hand to do them. He gained notoriety this year for taking on the Boulder Sale on the Mt. Hood National Forest for Columbia Vista Corporation. He stretched his skyline out some 3,600 feet with multiple intermediate supports, some he had to create manually, and yarded logs over rock bluffs and ridges. It was truly a remarkable feat.


The business has grown from a logging company to now include a trucking company, timber cutting company and two shops to maintain his fleet of equipment. The company employs 35 full time employees, including his son, daughter-in-law and son-in-law. He runs two yarder sides and a mechanized side year round. Through the years he has been especially proud to work along-side his son, who shares his father’s passion for logging.


President Turner concluded his remarks saying, “Wayne Stone isn’t ready to hang up his hard hat just yet, he can still be seen at the age of 60 climbing and topping trees, pulling a set of four chokers through the brush, low-boying equipment, running the yarder or even answering the office phone. One thing is for certain, Wayne’s love of logging and the outdoors will continue for many years to come.”

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