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Use 3 Points of Contact

By: Rod Huffman, Safety Programs Coordinator

Getting into the cab of mobile equipment or a log truck is not as much of a problem as getting out for some employees. Most workers use the appropriate steps, handrails and three-points of contact when getting into the equipment or truck. However, most injuries seem to occur when getting out or off. Employees sometimes jump down rather than use the steps and handrails. The correct method must include facing the equipment and maintaining three-points of contact until touching the ground.

Three-points of contact: The use of at least three contact points when getting in or out of equipment or trucks. The basic principle is to face the equipment or truck, grab the handrails or other approved balance points with two hands, place a foot on a step, pulling up with the use of both hands and one foot; or reach with one hand while grasping an approved hand hold with the other hand and firmly placing both feet on the steps or ladder.

To enhance the overall safety, the following are some points that should be emphasized:

  • Instruct employees to use the proper footwear and check the physical condition of hand holds, footholds and walking surfaces prior to getting on the equipment or truck, and keep these surfaces clean and free of debris.

  • Be cautious that oil, hydraulic fluid, diesel, rain, mud, frost, ice or snow can cause steps and hand holds to become extremely slippery!

  • Instruct employees not to use steering wheels, controls, and other unapproved hand holds while getting into or out of equipment or trucks.

  • Instruct employees on the use of the three-points of contact method and have them properly demonstrate.

  • Point out the potential injuries that have occurred when falling from equipment or trucks.

® Sprained ankles ® Pulled muscles

® Puncture wounds ® Broken bones

® Death

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