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Oregon Professional Logger Program
Oregon Professional Logger

Across Oregon, logging operators participate in the Oregon Professional Logger program (OPL) to keep their business competitive in today’s forest industry. The OPL program is a voluntary professional standard that certifies logging & forest operator companies (contractors) for their continuing education and adherence to professionalism.

Today’s forest contractor understands that credibility of their profession relies on maintaining sustainable forest practices, safe work, and reliable business operations. And, logging operators know that credibility of the OPL certification relies on maintaining high professional standards, which are recognized throughout the industry.

Oregon Professional Logger
OPL details
  • The OPL program, established in October 1995, is a service provided to logging operators statewide by Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc. (AOL).
  • Over 500 OPL-certified contractors statewide are committed to sustainable Oregon forestry
  • Professional standards recognize education in regulations, forestry, safety, fire, insurance, labor, policy, tax and business practices
  • Many forest landowners and timber mills prefer logs & fiber supplied by OPL contractors
  • OPL is Oregon’s wood producer training program recognized by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) and American Tree Farm System®— America’s two largest forest certification programs
  • The SFI, State Implementation Committee of Oregon, has endorsed the OPL program, and each certified OPL company, as a ‘Certified Logging Professional.’
  • The OPL program is also endorsed as an American Logger Council, Master Logger Certification (MLC) program. Each OPL-certified operator company fulfills standards for Master Logger Certification.
  • To attain OPL certification, a company must initially complete 32-credit-hours of continuing education, thereafter completing 10-credits annually. OPL standards require a company to enroll, to complete credit, adhere to a conduct code, and to avoid sanction.
  • The OPL is a professional standard, designed by loggers for loggers.
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